BigBang Ignited Jakarta with Explosive First Ever Show in Indonesia

Tuesday, 16 October 2012 | 12395

The worldwide wave of Korean Pop continues to engulf Indonesia. After the successful performance of Super Junior, Jay Park, and SM Town World Tour (featuring Girls Generation, Shinee, Boa, and many other), the wave hit its highest tide yet on Friday (12/10/12) and Saturday (13/10/12) as the Superstar Boyband BigBang successfully staged an explosive first ever performance in Indonesia entitled BigBang Alive Galaxy Tour at the Mata Elang International Stadium in Ancol Dreamland, Jakarta.

With superb lighting, sound systems and complemented with fantastic visual effects, ‘G-Dragon’ and his four associates managed to thrill thousands of VIPs (fans of BigBang) who have been expecting the show for months.

Although the gate would not be opened until 18.00 Western Indonesia Time, hordes of VIPs already flocked to the Mata Elang International Stadium since high noon. Enthusiasm rose as afternoon approached and the crowd grew bigger by the minute.

Endless chants of :”BigBang!” and hysteria dominated the scene as the main gate was opened and crowds rushed to the scene.

The months of waiting and expectation finally came to an end on Friday 12 October 2012 at 20.00 Western Indonesia Time. As the lights dimmed, the huge curtains covering the stage were raised, and the explosive fiesta was on.

“Alive” greeted the frenzied audience as the opening number that kicked off the fiesta. G Dragon (GD), Choi Seung-Hyun (T.O.P), Taeyang, Daesung, and Seungri made a truly dramatic entrance as they appeared on the stage inside 5 ‘transporter’ tubes as if they were coming from outer space. Wrapped in colorful ‘carnival’ costumes, the Korean quintet kept the crowd in a state of frenzy with three opening hits.

“Indonesia, nice to meet you!” greeted Taeyang which was replied with roaring hysteria of thousands of teenagers dominated by young girls. “Make some noise, Jakarta!” added G Dragon which was rapidly replied by all sorts of sounds shouted by the audience as “Fantastic Baby” hit the scene. The band subsequently disappeared behind the curtain and left the VIPs puzzled.

The quintet re-appeared on stage with different costumes and brought “How Gee” and “Stupid Liar” to the more enthusiastic audience. When it was Seungri’s turn to address the audience, he greeted the VIPs in Bahasa Indonesia : Apa Kabar? or how are you , which truly astounded the audience. However, it was Taeyang beatboxing action and his shouting Aku Cinta Padamu? -I Love You- that really made the audience go extremely wild.

Aside from playing as a group, the show also featured intimate solo and duo performances of BigBang. Performing a captivating duo, GD and T.O.P brought “Knock Out” and “High High”, while Seungri performed “Strong Baby” and “What Can I do” solo. “Look at me” and “Wedding” beautifully performed solo by Taeyang, and Daesung literally spread out his wings and flew with “Wing” and “haru Haru” which was complemented with superb special effect.                               

“Lies” and “Farewell” became the closing number of the fantastic night. Wearing all white costumes, the five boys waved their hands as a sign of goodbye, and they then disappeared behind the stage.

Wanting more, the chants of “Saranghae!” loudly echoed inside the stadium. Eventually Big Bang re-emerged on the stage and generously played “Heaven”, “Bad Boy”, and “Fantastic Baby” one more time as an encore for their first ever Indonesian audience. The Korean quintet ultimately bade farewell as T.O.P, GD, Daesung, Seungri, and Taeyung said goodbye and left the stage, leaving the audience still craving for more.

Entering the final quarter of 2012, more and more artists are gearing up to perform in Indonesia. From Korea, 2Ne1 is already scheduled to follow BigBang success this November, while other international superstars that are said to perform in Indonesia in the coming months include: Jeniffer Lopez, Sting, Sepultura, Soulfly, Weezer, and many more . The huge enthusiasm of international artists to perform in Indonesia has also confirmed the country’s place as one of the top show business and entertainment centers of the world.

Source: special report