TALL SHIP DEWARUCI arrives home safely after successful round-the-world voyage

Sunday, 14 October 2012 | 13324


Mission Accomplished! The legendary tall ship Dewaruci finally made port at the Trans-Ocean Military Command Base (Komando Lintas Laut Militer/Kolinlamil) in the capital city of Jakarta on Thursday, 11th October 2012 having successfully circumnavigated the globe in 277 days, having covered a total distance of 27,006 nautical miles in 10 months.

The arrival of the Dewaruci, aptly called “the mother of Indonesian sailing ships” was greeted with a grand ceremony as expression of pride for the cadets’ and crew’s achievements. An attractive performance of the elaborate traditional Reog Ponorogo dance from East Java, followed by the musical performance of the military marching band commenced the ceremony. A few yachts opened the way as the tall masts of the Dewaruci with the huge flag of Indonesia on her stern appeared on the horizon, while leading the entourage were a number of jet-skiers carrying the Indonesian flag over the waters in a captivating Sailing Pass parade.

An amazing spectacle of Naval academy cadets gallantly standing on each level of the masts and on the bow of the Dewaruci came to view as the ship approached. On starboard, cadets dressed in various Indonesian traditional costumes along with the officers stood at the ready  in salute,  in what is known as the Parade Roll ceremony.

Upon arrival, Commander of the Dewaruci, Lieutenant Colonel Haris Bima Bayuseto stepped down from the ship , and was most cordially welcomed  in a formal ceremony by Indonesia’s Navy Chief Admiral Soeparno along with Commanding Officers of the Navy and Representatives of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy.  The Navy Chief and all distinguished guests then boarded the ship to congratulate and give the Circumnavigating the globe pins to all cadets and crew of Dewaruci.

This outstanding sailing voyage of Dewaruci marked her last adventure on the open oceans since her first assignment in 1953. Aside from participating in the Operation Sail 2012 commemorating the “200th Anniversary of the War” in the United States of America, this final voyage of Dewaruci held a more significant agenda to promote Indonesia’s Tourism. Cooperating with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy as symbolized by the Wonderful Indonesia flag, the Dewaruci also acted as  Ambassador of Indonesia’s  national tourism, actively promoting the country’s natural and cultural splendors in every port and city visited.

At  every port of call around the world, the Dewaruci Tall Ship invariably received outstanding appreciation. As the ship slowly entered the ports, the huge Indonesian flag waving on the stern and the big “Indonesia” signs on the port and starboard side, along with the cadets dressed in colorful Indonesian costumes always stunned spectators in every city. As she docked, various art and cultural performances displayed by the cadets only added to the amazement of the crowds.

“The Tall Ship Dewaruci was chosen as Ambassador of Indonesia’s Tourism was directly aimed at the local people and Dewaruci fans in 21 countries in all four continents visited in Asia, America, Africa, and Europe so that the Wonderful Indonesia image aboard the ship contributed in boosting the number of visitors to Indonesia” stated the press release from the informational department of the Navy.

Covering a distance of 27,006 Nautical Miles for over 10 months, The  Tall Ship Dewaruci followed the routes: Surabaya-Jayapura, Jayapura-Kwajelein(USA), Kwajelein-Honolulu (USA), Honolulu-San Diego (USA), San Diego-Manzanillo (Mexico), Manzanillo-Panama, Panama-New Orleans(USA), New Orleans-Miami (USA), Miami-Charleston (USA), Charleston-New York (SA), New York-Norfolk(USA), Norfilk-Baltimore(USA), Baltimore-Boston(USA), Boston-Saint John(Canada0, Saint John-Porto(Portugal), Porto-Cadiz(Spain), Cadiz-Malta, Malta-Port Said (Egypt), Port Said-Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), Jeddah-Salalah(Oman), Salalah-Colombo(Srilanka), Colombo-Belawan/Medan, Belawan-Jakarta. Dewaruci is scheduled to return to make its last leg to homeport in Surabaya on 16th October 2012.

The 44th and final voyage of Dewaruci again confirmed to the international world that Indonesia is still home to some of the greatest seafarers on the planet. 


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