The 4th Asian Vegetarian Congress

Thursday, 9 July 2009 | 800

The 4th Asian Vegetarian Congress
Batam Island, 6 - 10 November 2009

Global warming. Probably, the issue has gained the greatest global concern and fear ever in human history. Its definite force of massive destruction is real, inconvenient and menacing from moment to moment. But, to those advocating vegetarian lifestyles, the issue is fundamental. It is not the fear. It is the urging necessity to promote a change in human lifestyles, a situation explicitly conjured by Albert Einstein over half a century ago.

Vegetarianism is basically a universal lifestyle of harmony. But it also represents the basic knowledge and the actual science of living harmoniously in the universe, which is all the actualisation of love for life. The motivation, spirit and determination of people going vegetarian are very clear, definite and firm: to bring health, welfare and harmony to life and Planet Earth. To serve the purpose stated above, the Organising Committee underlines the importance of developing more discussion on issues of information and education systems at the congress this time.

We believe it is urgent to establish better-organised systems to develop vegetarianism as a basic need for the sustainability of life and the environment in the world’s largest and most-densely populated continent Asia. Considering the strong traditional beliefs of Asian people in meat-consumption, let’s work out actual programmes to help them understand the benefits of going vegetarian, particularly for the reasons of health and environmental protection.

Now is also the time for the Asian Pacific vegetarian societies to begin establishing communication and friendship with health and environment groups in other parts of the globe, which is also an indispensable issue. I believe it is our hope that the forum can be a good opportunity for everyone to share their concern, experience, motivation, knowledge and expertise for the sake of the world. But the event can also be everyone’s joy in knowing one another from other parts of the planet. We warmly welcome you to the 4th Asian Vegetarian Congress, Batam Island, 6-10 November 2009.

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