The 30th Annual Conference Federation for Asian Cultural Promotion (FACP) held in Solo, Central Java

Sunday, 5 August 2012 | 1613

The cultural city of Solo in Central Java has the honor to host this year’s  30th Annual Conference Federation for Asian Cultural Promotion (FACP) which is scheduled to take place at The Sunan Hotel Solo from 6th to 9th September 2012.

The FACP Conference is an annual conference that emphasizes cultural interactions on performing and visual arts amongst regions in Asia. It provides a platform for member cities to connect, create networks, exchange ideas, discuss issues concerning the arts and entertainment industries in the Asia-Pacific region, and to forge greater cooperation among member cities.

The conference will feature important personalities in today’s cultural development across the regions including:  Minister Agung Laksono  (Coordinating Minister for Social Welfare from Indonesia), DR. Wiendu Nuryanti  (Vice Minister of Eduaction and Culture from Indonesia), Mr. Gunawan Mohammad (Literature and Culture journalist), Mr. Sanjay Roy (Creative Director of Teamworks Production),Mr. John William ( Chairmam of International Artist Manager Association), Mr,Garin Nugroho (Indonesian Movie Director), Mr. Ronald Kleneven (Crowd Funding Expert), Ms. Dewi Gontha (President Director of Java Festival Production), Ms. Robin Archer (Artistic Director), Ms. Glorife S. Samodio (Governor FACP Philippines), and Mr. Joko Widodo (Mayor of Solo).

The event will also present art performances from Indonesia, Taiwan, the Philippines, and Malaysia. The spectacular Matah Ati dance-drama will also be presented to delegates and participants to be held at the Puri Mangkunegaran Palace.

FACP is a non-profit, non-political organization which works to promote networks for performing arts managers in the region and to foster understanding of the rich cultural heritage of Asia around the world.  The FACP was established in 1981 to promote intra-Asian cultural exchanges and facilitate international touring of artists. Its founding representatives include Dr. Lucresia Kasilag of Manila, Mr. Hsu Po Yun of Taipei, Mr. Tadashi Yokoyama of Nippon Cultural Center, Mr. Seong-Tae Kim of Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra, and also Mr. Apratty, a representative from UNESCO.

In the following years, its members increased exponentially with members from Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Macau and Jakarta. In 1983, Beijing also appointed two observers to take part in the 3rd annual conference in Tokyo, and in year 1990 at the 9th annual FACP conference, the Melbourne representative was welcomed into the organization to become member of FACP (Melbourne applied to become member in 1985 and after 5 years of vigorous discussion, the region’s membership was finally approved).

Chosen as the host city, the royal city of Solo or Surakarta is known throughout Indonesia as a strong upholder of Javanese culture. Historically, Solo was a centre of power in Central Java. In 1745 the Mataram court was transferred here from Kota Gede, and, since then, the city has built on its reputation as a cultural hub. From the Royal Solo Palace dance, wayang kulit shadow puppets to hand-drawn batik, Solo remains a city that prides itself on its artistic traditions of elegance and refinement.

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