Till we meet again next year in Tour de Singkarak 2013!

Tuesday, 12 June 2012 | 2368

After seven days of strenuous racing over challenging terrain through the stunningly lush countryside of West Sumatra and cheered on by the welcoming local population, the 250 participants in the Tour de Singkarak finally witnessed the closing ceremony of this most exciting race. 

The 4th.Tour de Singkarak, a truly heart-pounding event that successfully combined the competitive spirit of sports with the best of West Sumatra’s  tourism came to a close on Sunday 10 June, officated by Indonesia’s Minister for Youth and Sport, Andi Mallarangeng, and attended by the Deputy Minister for Tourism and Creative Economy, Sapta Nirwandar, West Sumatra Governor, Irwan Prayitno and local government officials.

Held from  4 - 10 June 2012 and covering a total 854 km through 7 laps, Tour de Singkarak involved no less than 14 districts, offering a total prize of Rp. 1 billion. Internationally recognized to be in the 2.2 category, officials and organizers now plan to further improve the race to reach category 2.1 in 2013, to be at par with the Tour de Langkawi in Malaysia. 

Tour De Singkarak has provided participants coming from 17 countries a true adventure, cycling through unique villages, over beautiful mountainsides, pass cooling beaches and unique cultural icons, giving racers the opportunity not only to tightly compete with one another but also to experience the beauty of the land and the warmth of its people from Sawahlunto to Bukittinggi and Padang

The track passed four beautiful lakes: Lake Singkarak, Lake Maninjau, the TwinLakes of Danau Dibawah and Danau Diatas, as well as the steep granite cliffs of Harau Valley with its gurgling waterfalls. On the 3rd. day, the finish line was at the Palace of Pagaruyung at Batusangkar, West Sumatra’s architectural icon, where cyclists were welcomed with cultural performances and a true Minangkabau culinary feast.  They also raced over the dangerous 44 hairpin bends in the mountainous region. Then, after cycling across undulating mountain sides, the sixth day provided racers the opportunity to cycle to Padang through more flat terrain by West Sumatra’s beautiful coastal area.


Pujol Munoz Oscar from Iran is Champion and Bandung’s Putra Perjuangan the Overall Team Champion.


Pujol Munoz Oscar, racing for the Azad University Team of Iran, emerged as Champion of Tour de Singkarak 2012. The 28 year old racer from Spain won over 141 cyclists from 25 teams, having covered the entire track in a total of 21 hours 24 minutes and 21 seconds. 

Besides being the individual champion (winning the yellow shirt) Pujol Munoz Oscar was also awarded the King of Mountain (Polkadot jersey) having accumulated the highest points with 41 points. With these results the Azad University Team again renewed its success of last year when the team became the champion of Tour de Singkarak 2011 through Amir Zargari.  

Munoz expressed his satisfaction with the race. He very much enjoyed the scenery along the routes especially the coastal route from the Gondoria Beach at Pariaman to Padang, and looked forward to participate in next year’s event.


Following are the Winners of the Tour de Singkarak 2012:


Best Indonesian Rider (RED and WHITE JERSEY)

1. Suryadi Dadi (243) - PPB

2. Susanto Tonton (241) - PPB

3. Aristya Chelly (242) – PPB


Best Climber Classification (KOM) (POLKA-DOT JERSEY)

1. Oscar Pujol Munoz (2) - AZC

2. Shirisisan Hamid (21) - UST

3. Liponne Julien (131) - RNB


Points Classification (GREEN JERSEY)

1. Oscar Pujol Munoz (2) - AZC

2. Shirisisan Hamid (21) - UST

3. Salleh Mohd Zamri (11) - TSG


Individual General Classification by Time (YELLOW JERSEY)

1. Oscar Pujol Munoz (2) - AZC

2. Crawford Jai (34) - GEN

3. Feng Chun Kai (51) - ACT


Team General Classification by Time

1. Putra Perjuangan Bandung

2. Australian National Team

3. Azad University Cross Team


 (Source: www.indonesia.travel reporting live from Tour de Singkarak 2012, West Sumatra)