One Thousand Votes for Komodo National Park at Deep & Extreme Indonesia 2009

Thursday, 2 July 2009 | 838

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism has successfully  collected more than 1000 online vote to support Komodo National Park as Indonesia national nominees in the New7Wonders of Nature Campaign. Those votes was collected during Deep & Extreme Indonesia 2009 on the 27-29 March at JICC Jakarta. During the three days exhibitions, visitors are showing great enthusiasm to support and vote Komodo National Park to be the New7Wonders of Nature.

Komodo National Park current 11th position (last updated on 30 March 2009) among 55 other nominees in Group F.
Overall nominees in the second round of the campaign are 261 nominees from 222 nation, the nominees are divided into 7 group as follow (A) Landscape/Ice Formation, (B) Island, (C) Mountain/Volcanoes, (D) Cave/Rock Formation/Valley, (F) Forest/National Parks/Nature Reserve, (G) Lakes/Rivers/Waterfalls, and (H) Seascape.

Komodo National Park has to be in the top 11 on Group F or among the top 77 candidates from the overall nominees, the second round of this online vote will end in 7 July 2009. The top 77 nominees then will be screened by N7W panel of experts lead by Federico Mayor, former Director General of UNESCO.  From the top 77 nominees  the Panel of Experts will then selected a shortlist of 21 nominees which will continue to Round 3 of the campaign (final stage), the final stage will continue throughout 2010 and into 2011. The shortlist of the 21 selected candidates will be announced in 21 July 2009.

For those who has e-mail account and has not vote in the website to support Komodo National Park to be the New7Wonders of Nature… Now is the time... Let’s vote as many as you can’t by using several e-mail account (1 email account = 1 vote).
It will only take 5 minutes of your time to submit a vote and support our nature. It’s time to do something real for your country.

What are you waiting for… Vote Komodo National Park… Now!

Submit your vote here:  (go to “N7W” menu and then select “Vote for Nominees”)
Or log-in directly to the following URL:  Vote on Nominees.

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