President supports SAIL KOMODO 2013 to boost East Nusatenggara Tourism

Wednesday, 16 February 2011 | 1652

On a recent four day working visit to the province of East Nusatenggara, President Bambang Yudhoyono said that he supports the province’s proposal to host “Sail Komodo 2013”, reported East Nusatenggara governor, Frans Lebu Raya.

President Yudhoyono reminded , however, that the event must be well planned and vigorously promoted well in advance, and should be even more successful than the Sail Banda last year, reported Antara.

Sail Komodo is meant to further boost awareness of the world to the existence of the endangered Komodo dragon, in an effort to attract tourism to Flores and other East Nusatenggara islands. Besides the endemic giant Komodos, the Komodo National Park embraces the Komodo seas that are rich in fish species, mantarays, giant turtles, dugongs and whales, already drawing divers from as far away as Russia, Germany and France. The island of Flores itself, gateway to Komodo, has untold attractions, from the three-coloured lakes of Mt. Kelimutu, to traditional whale-spearing on Lembata, a pink beach among many deserted beaches, to living megalithic cultures.

The Sail Komodo plan has been brought to the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries who organizes the Sail events each year, said governor Frans Lebu Raya.

In 2009 Indonesia successfully held the Sail Bunaken regatta, followed by the Sail Banda in 2010. This year the Regatta called Sail Wakatobi-Belitong 2011 will be held from mid July to the end of August.  International participating yachts will sail to the pristine seas of the Wakatobi islands in South East Sulawesi and Belitong in the province of Bangka-Belitung off the coast of Sumatra, to continue to Singapore where the regatta will end.

Last year, Sail Banda, was participated by over 100 international yachts starting from Darwin, Australia, sailing through Indonesia’s extensive seas, calling on many ports and finishing in Singapore.   

Bali- Nusatenggara designated Indonesia’s Tourism Gateway and Hub

Earllier, the Indonesian government designated the Bali-Nusatenggara Corridor as the Tourism gateway and hub of Indonesia , -besides its role of supporting national food supply, - to accelerate the national economy with the aim to reach 7% growth annually from the  present 6%. The Bali-Nusatenggara corridor is the only one of six economic corridors that focuses on Tourism development for growth.

The Sumatra corridor focuses on developing the island as a production center of natural resources and energy, Kalimantan to focus on production and development of mineral resources, Java to focus on industry and services, Sulawesi on agriculture, plantations and fisheries, and Papua-Maluku to focus on natural resources and abundant marineresources  to boost economic growth through regional participation.  Key words for growth are the development of the needed infrastructure, connectivity among regions and increase in Indonesia’s competitiveness in the world, said Coordinating Minister for the Economy, Hatta Rajasa.