Indonesia Hotels Reporting Full House During the Ied Holidays

Friday, 8 October 2010 | 1044

The Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association reported fully booked hotels throughout Indonesia during the past two weeks Ied holidays. The hill town of Bandung in West Java turned out to be the most popular destination, recording the highest average occupancy rate in the country at a spectacular 92%.

Bali hotels achieved  80% occupancy, with Yogyakarta, East Java and Medan enjoying an average 70% and Batam island 65%, Only Jakarta, the city that was left empty by its population during the Ied holidays recorded a low 30%. This is, however, expected to improve in the coming weeks as business resumes and a list of events and conferences are to take place until the end of the year, wrote Bisnis Indonesia.

Almost 14 million people travelled during the 2 weeks Ied holidays, said Communications Minister , Freddy Numberi, or exactly 13.93 million people, which is , however , 0.35% less than last year. More people took to air transport which rose by 15.5%, and those travelling by car or motorbike also increased by 1.5%. Ships were less popular.  

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