Baliem Valley Festival 2010: A Hurl You Don’t Want to Miss

Thursday, 5 August 2010 | 1483

Explore the last frontier of the remote Papua island and attend the Baliem Valley Festival taking place from 9th-12th August this year. This is the one occasion when all the diverse tribes from the highland of Wamena and the Baliem Valley will congregate to celebrate their annual festival. The festival will be held in the village of Wosilimo, Wamena, in conjunction with celebrations of Indonesia’s Independence Day on August 17.

Embrace your sense of adventure and compete with local tribesman and hurl spears just like Leo Holding did in the African Savanah episode of the 2009 film Take Me to the Edge. The highlight of the festival are the mock battles among the tribes, but there are also other attractions worth watching and participating in. Don't worry that you're not a local, visitors from around the world are invited to take part in many challenges, like spear hurling and archery. End your day on a memorable note and sample some pit cooking and look at the peculiar costumes or body decorations that the local people brag about. Surely it will be difficult to resist the temptation to recommend such an exciting festival to your adventurous friends and family.

Join the crowd and learn what makes them smile, laugh, and cheer.  The Baliem Valley Festival 2010 awaits, offering abundant memories of the magical land of Papua.

For details on the event, where to stay and how to get there, please find and click Destination: ”Baliem Valley Festival” on this home page.