Lake Sentani Festival: Loving Culture for Our Future

Friday, 18 June 2010 | 1176

Experiencing the various cultures flourishing in villages around Lake Sentani, Papua is the best prelude of adventure in Papua, Indonesia. These diverse attractions will not be dispersed in distant spots, since an immensely organized event will be held on June 19-23, 2010 in Sentani Lake, Jayapura District, 45 km south of Jayapura, the capital of Papua. The event is prominently called Lake Sentani Festival 2010, sustaining a grand theme, “Loving Culture for Our Future”.

The festival is one of the threads of festival held in Papua during these few months, following the successful Raja Ampat Marine Festival 2010 in Waisai, and in line with the upcoming Baliem Valley Festival 2010 on August 9, 2010 in Wosilimo, Wamena. Papua has been blessed with one of the most unimaginable cultural magnificence in Indonesia. These festivals are exceptional and worth visiting.

Some of the activities you will see in the Lake Sentani Festival 2010 are the colossal traditional dance performed on dugout canoes, showing the rich cultures of the people, and skillful dancers in keeping the canoes balanced. The dance will show “the pieces of early Lake Sentani’s secret” as the local government and Jayapura society intend to introduce. "The theme is to motivate all citizens to love its existence as a civilized human being through the strengthening of cultural character by protecting and conserving nature of Papua, especially the indigenous communities of  Sentani Lake", said the Head of Jayapura Regency, Mr. Hebel  Suwae.

Other attractions during the festival are dances from around the nation, attractions of Papuan drums called tifa, flute drums, art and cultural exhibitions, Lake Sentani tour, and fireworks on the lake. Preparation of Papuan food is also one of the interesting elements shown in the festival. Competitions such as hair weaving contest and bark painting contest are peculiarities you will not find elsewhere. During the events, photographers and alike will not be bored with extravagant costumes and crafts. It is a sight that comes once in a blue moon, so do not miss it.

Reaching Lake Sentani is far from complicated. Jayapura’s Sentani Airport connects almost all flights in and to Papua. Garuda Airlines and Merpati Airlines are two major airlines that fly to the destination.

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Photo: Courtesy of Michael Thirnbeck

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