Rowing to 2010 Sail Banda: Small Island for Our Future

Thursday, 4 February 2010 | 998

One of the world class tourism destinations for divers, Banda Island, is counting down to hold the best international event, Sail Banda 2010, which will be running from July 24th – August 17th 2010.

Organized by the Ministry of Marine and Fishery Affairs, Provincial Administration of Mollucas, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and Navy Force of Indonesia, supported by the Directorate General of Immigration and other government institutions, this remarkable event will feature twelve main events:

1.    Rally and Yacht Race,
2.    Sport KEJURNAS waters, game fishing,
3.    Diving International Tournament,
4.    ARAFURA games,
5.    International Conference on Small Island,
6.    Cooperation Conference Indonesia – Australia (G to G and P to P),
7.    International Seminar on “Sago Spices and Food for Safety”
8.    Seafood and Fish Product Expo,
9.    Cross Nusantara Adolescent Bahari,
10.  Warning Independence R.I. the Island Outer,
11.  Operation Bhakri “Baskara Surya Jaya”,
12.  Navy Navy to Talk and Port Visit.

Sail Banda 2010 is a perfect place to share new experience and explore the marine beauty along with the marine lovers from all over the world in a spirit of adventure, graced by the marine paradise of Banda Sea.

Prepare yourself, plan your magnificent trip, and Join us in Sail Banda 2010 now!

For more information and registration, please visit Sail Banda official website at; or send your email at mailATsailindonesiaDOTnet

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