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Home » News » Jakarta Night Festival welcomes the New Year 2014 with music and firework

Jakarta Night Festival welcomes the New Year 2014 with music and firework

Posted on 23 Dec 2013 at 12:13 | Views: 2806

Jakarta Night Festival welcomes the New Year 2014 with music and firework

To bid farewell to 2013 and welcome the New Year, the government of Jakarta will roll out the Jakarta Night Festival on Tuesday night, 31 December at the iconic Hotel Indonesia Circle - popularly known as Bundaran HI - and along the Thamrin and Sudirman Boulevard on the car-free night. Jakarta Night Festival will be filled with music galore, parades, performances, fireworks, laser shows, dancing fountains, and zeppelin balloons, promising fun for all from 21.00 hrs to 02.00 hrs on the first day of the New Year.

No less than ten large stages will be set up to provide entertainment for the crowds that are expected to exceed 50 thousand of Jakarta’s inhabitants and tourists. These stages will be in front of the City Hall, providing music by the home band of Jakarta’s Municipal Police; at the Southwest gate of the National Monument (harp and Islamic music), Bank Mandiri (Keroncong music) ; at Gedung Jaya (Folk Music), BII Building (Pop Band), EX Plaza (Jazz), Jalan Purworejo (Folk Music), UOB Building (Dangdut), Dukuh Atas (Miscellaneous), Toyota buiklding (folk music), Chase Plaza building (keroncong), Le Meredien Hotel (Miscellaneous), Manulife (Pop Band), Bendungan Hilir Junction (kromong xylophone), and the University of Atma Jaya (dangdut). While the main stage will be built at Bundaran HI,

Additionally there will also be a carnival participated by 3,000 people from the Bikes Community, Marching Band, Art Culture of the archipelago, and the Rumah Batik Carnival. There will also be a Performing Arts presentation featuring art and culture students. The parade starts from Jakarta City Hall, at 22.00 heading towards Jalan Thamrin and finishes at the Bundaran HI around 23.30.

Be there and watch the first rays of sunrise of the New Year, promising a Happy 2014!

Photo Courtesy Jakarta Night Festival

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Posted on 1 Jan 2014 at 05:59

PR nya di Fireworksnya kali ya......bener-bener jelek, semua foto fire work saya gak ada yang berhasil, karena penembakan ke udaranya terlihat ngasal dan gak terarah. Mungkin pemda DKI terlalu fokus ke stager performance dan car free...

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