Contest: Making Your Own Indonesia Trip – Winners Announcement

Sunday, 20 December 2009 | 875

We proudly announce the winners for the "Contest: Making Your Own Indonesia Trip." We thank you for your participation and feedback.

1. Hoky Ajicahyadi "Magnificent East Javali Route" as the winner of Amazing Indonesia under US$ 1,000 category

2. Lomar Dasika "Sulawesi Selatan Tiada Duanya" as the winner of Wisata Impian di bawah Rp. 10 juta category

3. Johan Sobihan "Jelajah Ujung Barat Ujung Jawa-TN Ujung Kulon" as the winner of Most Active Users category

The winner of the "Contest: Making Your Own Indonesia Trip" will receive a free trip around Indonesia (already designed by themselves) and grab merchandise from

Congratulations to all winners, you have done a great job and for all of you who have not won this time, don’t be disappointed as all of you have done tremendously great job in planning your own trip to Indonesia and of course there would always be next time.

Thank you so much for judges for sparing their valuable time for judging this event. See you on the next event!

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