Update: Making Your Own Indonesia Trip Contest

Tuesday, 15 December 2009 | 713

Earlier November, we launched a "Contest: Making Your Own Indonesia Trip". No matter where on Earth you are, we invited you to beta-test our Trip Planner feature and submit your travel planning around Indonesia. The "contest" itself is actually our appreciation for your participation, in forms of paid travel trips which you designed yourself.

The "contest" has officially ended in December 14th. We're still in the middle of the judging process to decide the winners of the three categories: Amazing Indonesia under US$1000, Wisata Impian di bawah Rp. 10 juta, and Most Active Users categories. It's taking a bit more time than we thought because we need to validate whether the trips are actually doable and within the budget limit.

The winners will be announced here, on indonesia.travel and we will send an email to all of you who have won. Thank you so much for your participation in this contest. See you all soon!

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