Pet Shop Boys Electrified Jakarta with their Spectacular Show

Tuesday, 20 August 2013 | 1108


On the day that Indonesia celebrated Independence Day on 17th August 2013, the British legendary electronic pop duo Pet Shop Boys electrified the crowd at the Plenary Hall, Jakarta Convention Center with exhilarating music, electrifying lights, sensational visual shows, and attractive actions.


Wrapped in peculiarly attractive costumes complemented  by unique choreography of the dancers, and dynamic multimedia features, Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe truly showcased their exceptional musical skills as well as showmanship. Divided into 4 acts with 4 different costumes, the band indulged the audience with their all time hits as well as songs from their latest album Electric which was released on July 2013.


“Axis”, with distinct electro-pop signature of Pet Shop Boys became the opening number as the duo greeted Jakarta from behind the curtains. As the curtains rose, Tennant and Lowe appeared on stage with matching stunning ‘porcupine style’ black,  spiky costumes.  As Tennant grabbed the mike and Lowe’s fingers steady on the synthesizer-keyboard , the party kicked off with “One More Chance/Face Like that”, Opportunities, and “Memory of the future”.


All through the night, the duo played some of their most intriguing songs including “I Wouldn’t Normally Do This Kind of Thing”, “Suburbia”, “Fluorescent”, “West End Girls”, “Somewhere”,” Leaving”,  “Thursday”, “Love Etc”, “Always on My Mind”, and more.


Visually, the second act of the show saw the performance of two peculiar dancers wearing bizarre costumes of bull masks complete with long white horns . dancing to “The Rite of Spring”. No less peculiar than the dancers, were Tennant and Lowe, who during this part also wore full faced helmets in the shape of Bull’s heads. The spectacular show of costumes, lights and sounds continued in the third act, where Lowe appeared in bright disco light helmet which reflected colorful lights, while Tennant put on asilver suit and a fedora hat matching Lowe’s helmet. Again  the dancers added to the excitement of the show with matching costumes.


A fascinating multimedia attraction was presented as Tennant and Lowe’s head popped  out of chests while their torsos remainedhidden within the chests.  Where their bodies were supposed to be was  filled with electrifying video mapping shows that complemented the multimedia  show featured on the large background screen.


The final act of the performance saw yet again another peculiar choreography where dancers wrapped themselves in costumes that somehow looked like Christmas tree decorations complete with gold and silver decorations. Appearing in orange suits and matching hats, the duo ended their performance with encores of Village People’s classic “Go West” and “Vocals”,  and a final blast of confetti fiesta.