Jakarta celebrates 486th Anniversary in grand and popular style

Thursday, 20 June 2013 | 1571

Jakarta’s 486th anniversary which falls on Saturday, 22 June will be held in grand and popular style to be enjoyed and participated by the city’s entire population, promises Jakarta Governor, popularly called Jokowi.

Besides the ongoing month long Jakarta Great Sale which features massive discounts for all goods and purchases and midnight sales for brand names in luxury malls across the city, there is also the Jakarta Fair at the JIExpo that has exhibitions from cars, motorbikes, clothes and fashion to concerts of popular singers and bands, to joy rides through haunted houses as well as street food for all to enjoy. There was also the Jakarta Products week held at the National Monument (Monas) plaza.

On the 22nd of June itself, the evening is earmarked for the city’s youth and the young at heart. Called Malam Muda Mudi, no less than 8 open stages will be set up along the Thamrin avenue to the Hotel Indonesia Circle. Each stage will be dedicated to some of the most popular bands in the city. At the stage near the Sarinah Department store, the popular Slank band and singers will perform, while the Bands Jamrud and Steven and the Coconut Trees will liven up the night near Jalan Sabang. The stage by Pullman Hotel will feature blues, while the one at the HI Circle will have singers presenting dangdut and rock ‘n roll. At the EX Plaza the audience will be entertained with jazz music, with disco music in front of Gedung Jaya, and keroncong music in front of Bank Indonesia.

Highlight of the night will be at the Monas plaza where will appear the bands Kotak, Bondan & Fade 2 Black, Opera van Java, Bolot and Mpok Nori.

For these grear festivities, the Thamrin road to HI Circle will be closed to all motorized traffic gradually starting from 16.00 hrs and completely closed from 18.00 hrs, advised the Jakarta Police.

From 28th – 30 June will be the spectacular open air musical-drama “Ariah”,to be held at the National Monument.

Culminating the street celebrations, on Saturday, 30 June, is the Jakarnaval, held from 15.00 hrs to 17.30 hrs, taking place also along the Thamrin road, with the theme : “the Magic of Ondel-Ondel”, with focus on the culture of the indigenous Betawi population. On this day , students and youth from various schools and communities will show innovative and modern creations of Jakarta’s iconic ondel-ondel puppets to show that the ondel-ondel does not only belong to the past but is still alive and trendy in this modern day and age.