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Visit Indonesia (TVC): Butterfly

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Butterfly screenshotThere's a belief in Indonesia that an appearance of a butterfly at our residence indicates the possibility of guest(s) dropping by. This is a part of the Indonesian culture which treat guests with respect and hospitality. Also denotes how Indonesians are taught to be one with nature. Because the presence of butterfly itself marks how a representative of nature should be regarded with delight and friendliness.

The clip is one minute long and about 56 MBs in size. You need to download the whole file first before you can play it. To download, you can click on the link below. Or right click and choose "Save Link As..." (this is an example option in Mozilla Firefox. The command on other browsers may be slightly different.) Choose where to save it and wait until the download process is over.

The file format is in .VOB. If you can't play it, you need to install a multimedia player which can play .VOB files (such as Total Video Player or Media Player Classic).