Festival Lima Gunung 2014: Authentic Folk Art Expressions in the Heart of Java

23 Aug 2014 - 24 Aug 2014

From 23rd to 24th August 2014, the 13th Festival Lima Gunung or The Five Mountains Festival will be held at the Muneng Warangan Village, Pakis Sub-district, Magelang Regency, in the province of Central Java.


Held for the first time in 2002, the festival is theplatform  for local villagers and rural communities to showcase their own  folk art and cultural performances in the warmth of a traditional village ambience on a simple stage and gardens. The festival received  its name from the 5 imposing mountains that surround the regency of Magelang, which are : Mt.  Merapi, Mt Merbabu, Mt Andong, Mt Menoreh, and Mt Sumbing.


The festival involves art communities and local villagers who are mostly farmers  incorporated in the Komunitas Lima Gunung (or The Five Mountains Community). The community itself is a media for  local villagers to preserve, develop, and express their arts.


 Among some of the arts to be performed at the festival are Wayang Kulit (Leather Puppet), Wayang Orang (Wayang Theatrical Play), Jaran Kepang, Jathilan, Kembang Gunung Dance, Sekar Kipas Dance, Soreng, Warok Hiphop, Kethoprak (Folk comedy play), Topeng Ireng (Mask Dance), and more.


The Five Mountains Community comprise artists, artisans and art personalities  who live on the slopes and highlands of the mountains surrounding the town of Magelang. The community was the initiative of  an artist from Mendut Village by the name of Tanto Mendut. Today, the community is centered at the Mendut Studio at Jl.Mendut no.1, Mendut Village, in the  Mungkid sub-district of Magelang Regency, in the  Central Java Province.


Blessed with lush fertile land, abundance of water sources, and stunning panorama, Magelang Regency has a long agricultural culture and tradition. The land is also home to some of Java's and indeed Indonesia’s most precious heritage sites that  include the  Borobudur Temple, Mendut Temple, and Pawon Temple. Combining amazing panorama, precious historical monuments, and captivating folk art, Magelang is truly the best place to experience  the authentic culture of the  people who are the pulse of  the ancient heart of Java.