Neptune Regatta 2014 across the Equator and pristine Riau Islands

2 Feb 2014 - 8 Feb 2014

The world’s only Equator Regatta, the Neptune Regatta is back again this year from 2nd to 8th February 2013, offering expansive sailing challenges and experiences. Whether it be for pedigree racing yachts, family cruiser yachts, catamarans or motor yachts, the Neptune Regatta is designed to cater to all categories of experienced sailors who wish to join the elite few who have sprint-raced across the equator.


The Neptune Regatta takes place entirely in Indonesian waters with Start and Finish at Nongsa Point Marina, on Batam Island, in the Riau Archipelago (N 01° 11’.86” & E 104° 06’.00”). Nongsa Point Resort is the yachting entryway to Indonesia and is situated only 11 miles from Singapore.


The islands south of Batam are a magnificent sailing ground. With volcanic peaks rising in the distance on the larger islands of Temiang, Singkep and Lingga, which rest behind a multitude of tropical islands smaller in size and shape, leading to the jump off point for the equator at Pulau Buaya (N 0 10’.5” & E 104 13’.5”). Pulau Buaya offers protected anchorages and stunning white coral beaches. Passage races through tropical beauty, clear green waters, sailing past breath-taking vistas, combined with a sprint race over the equator, ZERO – THE RACE,  which togetherl make the Neptune Regatta a yachting event unmatched in the sailing calendar.


The Neptune Regatta is designed for an array of yachts to partake in, including pure Racing Yachts (A-Fleet), Cruiser/Racers, Modern Family Cruisers, beautiful Classics, and more. All vessels will converge at the protected anchorage at Pulau Buaya which has access to some of the most beautiful white coral sand beaches in the world.


The Equator divides and influences in many forms: romance, historical debate, sporting prowess, the navigational latitude of zero and even a country’s name. Crossing the line has long been held as a seafarer’s baptism to the Court of Neptune with ceremonies for the uninitiated,  going back hundreds of years. Even today whether on a cruise liner, naval vessel, yacht or ship, the attraction and excitement of crossing the equator and subsequent ceremony appeals to young and old.


With this in mind, the Regatta also takes into account the importance of paying homage to Neptune and allows for a ‘time window’ of ceremony once each boat crosses the line. On completion of ceremonies or when the ‘time window’ closes, the race restarts with the Fleet competing for the Trident Cup.


Aside from the inexplicable desire to cross the equator and check whether the water changes direction when emptying from the galley sink, the Regatta also takes participants on a voyage through virgin sailing waters of indescribable beauty.

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