The International System Conference & Expo 2013

21 Jun 2013 - 22 Jun 2013

Addressing the various variables in viewing tourism and green energy as an interlinked and integrated system, The International System Conference and Expo 2013 will be convened at the Hotel Ina Grand Bali Beach, Sanur, Bali, from 21st to 22nd June

Bringing the theme: System Application for Green Tourism and Renewable Energy, the event will feature keynote speakers, scientific presentations from national and international systems experts, and exposure on system application from government and private sectors in regards to tourism and bio-energy. The event will also be highlighted with a System Exhibition carrying the theme of Green Tourism and Renewable Energy.

The event will be joined by experts from government, academics, businesses and banking, international donor bodies, businesses and professional associations, interdisciplinary experts and social associations, as well as international system experts from several countries.

The International System Conference and Expo 2013 aims to:

  • Buildsynergic concepts and policies among academics, business sectors, and government in actualizing an environmentally friendly economic system, especially in the tourism sector and all its related industries.
  • Facilitate knowledge sharing forum involving system experts in an effort to implement and enhance methodological systems to find a solution for renewable energy from biomass.
  • Introducing system science as a relevant, complementary, and integrative approach based on thinking system as tools and techniques in decision making towards complex, stochastic, and dynamic matters.

To be held for the second time, the event is presented by the Udayana University of Bali in cooperation with PSP3 IPB (Bogor Botanic University), Gunadharma University, and the Center for Systems (CS). The event is projected to be an annual event featuring different themes and location, addressing the latest developments.

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