My Indonesian Moment Photo and Story Contest: Win a Trip to KOMODO

14 Feb 2013 - 1 Apr 2013

Share your photos and stories about your experiences in Indonesia.


A picture is worth a thousand words, says a well known saying. Or, each picture tells a story.  Based on these thoughts, Jaring Ide invites all to share your photographs and stories on your latest visit to Indonesia through a Photo and Story Contest entitled:  My Indonesian Moment. The contest is ongoing from 14 February to 1 April 2013.


A panel of professional judges will choose three top winners. The first and second prize winners will each be awarded tickets and accommodation to the Komodo National Park in East Nusatenggara.  While the third prize winner will receive a voucher to stay at The 101 Legian hotel in Bali for two persons.


Photographs sent in  can be about anything and everything that you experienced in Indonesia , from the amazing beauty of the country, to impressive historic monuments, happy children, local rites and traditions, delicious foods, activities such as diving or snorkeling while taking photographs of the spectacular sites at Raja Ampat, Bunaken or elsewhere.


If, however, photography is not your cup of tea then write your story about surprising discoveries made during your travels to various nooks and corners of the Indonesian archipelago.


Photographs and Stories will be selected based on creativity, uniqueness, and professionalism. Its contents can be funny, dramatic or inspiring or all of the above.


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So come join the Contest and become a Member of Jaring Ide.


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