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Gelar Museum Nusantara Exhibition in Jakarta

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Gelar Museum Nusantara Exhibition in Jakarta

22 Nov 2012 -  25 Nov 2012



Forming part of the Visit Museum Year and the Love for Museums’ National Movement which was inaugurated in  2010, the Ministry of Education and Culture through the Directorate of Cultural Heritage Conservation and Museums today presents an exhibition displaying numerous original artifacts taken directly from over 200 museums in Indonesia in the Gelar Museum Nusantara Exhibition. This special exhibition is taking place at the Cendrawasih Room, Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta during from 22nd to 25th November 2012.  

The Exhibition fittingly chose the theme “Home of the Indonesian Archipelago’s Civilization” to illustrate museums as source of historical knowledge.

Artifacts displayed in the Exhibition are divided into the following categories:

1) Chronicles of  the Indonesia Nation (a thematic exhibition):

a.The Prehistoric Era (Featuring various artifacts from pre-historic time including hunting equipments, fossils, and others)

b.The Era of Kingdoms (Featuring various artifacts that marked the golden age of Indonesian Kingdoms including weapons, royal costumes, Kingdoms’ heirlooms, musical instruments, literature, and many others)

c.The Era of the Struggle for Independence (Featuring various artifacts from the era of the fight against foreign colonialism such as historical accounts of important figures,  Pioneers of Independence, national heroes, and various collections in relation to the national history of Indonesia).

2) The development of Museums in Indonesia: Featuring the history of development of Museums in Indonesia starting with the establishment of the first Museum and the achievements of Indonesia as a country in various development sectors.

3) Information and Publications section: Featuring collections from various museums in Indonesia.

The Event  also features a variety of inspirational programs in next to the Exhibition such as: Museum icons Merchandise bazaar (22 November); Talkshows, cultural performances, quiz and games (22-25 November); The screening of a Heritage Preservation Movies (22-25 November); Kids Programs/Little Museum (22-25 November); Museum Management Workshop (22 November) and Museum Seminar (25 November). Adding to the sparks of the exhibition, there will also be various competitions including National Heroes Look Alike competition, Instagram Photo Competition, and various educative competitions for kids at the Little Museum.
The exhibition is a concrete effort by he Directorate of Cultural Heritage Conservation and Museums of the Ministry of Education and Culture to increase public awareness and interest in museums and in the history of Indonesia in general. Since the initiation of the Visit Museum Year and The Love for Museum National Movement in 2010, it is recorded that museums have become one of the favorable options for  the public and international tourists to visit.  

More Information available at the event website: http://www.gelarmuseumnusantara.org/

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