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Musi Triboatton: Rafting, Canoeing and Traditional Boat Races

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Musi Triboatton: Rafting, Canoeing and Traditional Boat Races

26 Nov 2012 -  1 Dec 2012


This November, the spotlight will shine on the longest running river on Sumatra:  the Musi River as the Musi Triboatton is launched from 26 November to 01 December 2012 in Palembang, capital of the province of South Sumatra.


Combining rafting, canoeing, and traditional boat race, this is a one of a kind event initiated by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy to introduce the splendors of South Sumatra in terms of special interests activities.


Set along the wide Musi River that flows along the city of Palembang, the event will feature almost 500Km of adrenalin rushing races as well as relaxing joyrides. Participating in the Triboatton are 15 teams from many countries including: Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei Darussalam, Taiwan, Laos, Indonesia, Australia, Vietnam, New Zealand, Nepal, Cambodja, Myanmar, and the Philippines. 

As a professional competition, the event also involves the Executive Board of Indonesia’s Rowing Association (PB.PODSI) who manages the competition which is also aimed at improving the quality of rowing athletes.


The Musi River has its source deep in the Bukit Barisan mountains, tumbling down to reach the plains, where, fed by the converging Ogam and Komering rivers, it then widens into a large river as it reaches Palembang.  Its many tributaries and streams that cut through Palembang, have caused this town to be also known as ‘The Venice of the East’.


The best scenery of the river can be found at the city’s iconic landmark, the Ampera Bridge which connects both side of the river. North of the Ampera bridge is the Mesjid Agung or the Royal Mosque, built in 1740 by Sultan Badaruddin I, and recently restored to its former glory. This area was once the capital of a Malay Islamic kingdom which came to an end in 1825, when the last Sultan, Ahmad Najamuddin, surrendered to the Dutch and was exiled to Banda Neira.


More information available at the event official website:  http://www.musi-triboatton.com/


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Posted on 27 Nov 2012 at 19:31

Semoga sukses dan berjalan dengan lancar berharap masuk dalam agenda tahunan, untuk menjadi visit indosesia year 2013

Juwita Qadarsi

Posted on 26 Nov 2012 at 21:27

semoga sukses dan berjalan lancar... Jayalah selalu Palembangku Berkibarlah Selalu Indonesiaku. I wish , I was in my hometown.

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