Manado Ocean Festival 2011

22 May 2011 - 28 May 2011

From May 22nd to 28th 2011, the sea-side capital of North Sulawesi, Manado, will once again present its fascinating marine marvels through a series of events called the Manado Ocean Festival 2011. The event will be highlighted with world class competitions including an international underwater photography contest, a national Jet Ski competition, Miss Ocean Contest, and many more. The Festival will also feature Sea and Underwater themed exhibitions.

Among participants and invitees planned to attend the Festival is former Miss Indonesia and diving enthusiast, Nadine Chandrawinata. She will be joining hundreds of water sports enthusiast and the general public in a week-long Marine festival.

The International Underwater Photography Contests will kick off the Festival on May 22nd and last until the last day of the Festival on May 28th. The traditional Ketinting Boat Race is scheduled to take place from May 24th to 25th, while the regular photography competition also commences on May 24th and last to May 28th. The Miss Manado Ocean Beauty Pageant is scheduled to be held from May 26th to 28th, and the Seafood Cooking festival will leave visitors mouth watering on May the 27th. On shore, an exciting Beach Volley Tournament is also a highlight of the festival held from May 24th to 28th.

Chief and the Secretary of the Committee, Suhendro Boroma and Pahlano Daud, said that the Festival is held to further promote Manado as a prime beach and marine destination and in a follow up to earlier international events such as the World Ocean Conference (WOC) and Sail Bunaken, reported These international events have  also placed Manado among top Beaches and Marine destinations in the world; this is solid proof that places such as Bunaken , Manado Tua islands, and the untold diving spots in the area have received worldwide acclaim.

The Manado Ocean Festival 2011 serves as an invitation to international tourist to enter the enchanting Sea and Underwater wonders of Manado.

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Foto Courtesy: Toar Pantouw