Royal Cremation For the Raja of Peliatan Bali

2 Nov 2010 - 2 Nov 2010

Preparations are well underway for the Royal Cremation Ceremony of the IX-th Raja of Peliatan, Ida Dwagung Peliatan, who passed away on 20 August at the mature age of 71. The procession and cremation are to take place at Peliatan, near the town of Ubud, Bali, on Tuesday, 2 November starting 10.0 am local time.

An astounding 11 tier, 25.5 meter high cremation tower built on a platform is today being constructed of bamboo, wood and paper, which will be carried on the shoulders of hundreds of carriers to the cremation grounds. Also crafted are a royal bull in which the remains of the deceased Raja will be placed, and a resplendent 3 meter dragon decorated in gold leaf, which is believed to transport the soul to heaven.

Work on the tower has started on 13 September fully participated by craftsmen from surrounding towns and villages. All these will be set on fire at the cremation. The Balinese believe that only through the purification of fire that the soul can be released from this earth on its passage to heaven.

This will be a unique and grand procession, the like of which has not been seen since the past 30 years. Already now more than 35 tourists visit the site palace daily to witness progress made on the magnificent tower and effigies.

Formed in the 17th century, the Court of Peliatan is a senior branch of the palace of Ubud. Peliatan is famous for its beautiful Legong Kraton dance, a dance of two maidens in resplendent costume, which first mesmerized Europeans when it was performed at the Paris Exhibition in 1931. Peliatan is also well known for its beautifully haunting gamelan music.