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Waruga Sawangan

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Highland Resort

Many people think of North Sulawesi as mainly being a place for diving and snorkeling. There is a lot more though! Visiting Manado and not spending some time exploring the beautiful Minahasa Highlands means that you miss a good part of this area's wonderful attractions.

The Highland Resort and Spa is the ideal place to base yourself, whether it might be just for several days or for several weeks. Our unique resort offers a cool respite from the tropical heat of the town, and a quiet venue to relax and enjoy the lush vegetation and birdlife found in the Highlands.

Address : Kinilow Jaga VI Tomohon, Minahasa 95362 North Sulawesi, Indonesia
Phone : +62 431 353333|+62 431 353888
Fax : +62 431 353777
: mail@highlandresort.info
Website : http://www.highlandresort.info/