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Pandawa Beach : Secluded Hideaway in South Bali

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Villa Damai

Realise your dream in a comfortable Balinese villa with a wonderful view on the Island of Gods, combined with Balinese hospitality!

The villa with its 4 bed rooms is the perfect place to relax and to dangle - as a twosome, with the whole family or together with friends. The villa is owned by a Swiss businessman who stays in the house for 3 weeks a year himself. The rest of the time, the villa is let with all the conveniences.

for EVERYONE for a, wonderful“ price!

Address : Resort Tanah Bali. Jalan Tundun Penyu, Dipal Bukit Ungasan Bali, Indonesia
Phone : +62 361 70 80 54
Fax : +62 361 70 81 48
: info@balivilla-damai.com
Website : http://www.balivilladamai.com/