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Setu Babakan : Jakarta’s indigenous Betawi Cultural Village

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Prasada Mansion 3 star(s)

Prasada Mansion is located at the Golden Triangle of Jakarta, just a walking distance to the business district. A fully one stop living design concept for urban citizens combining the amenities and comfort of a luxurious living with the convenience of highly safety securities in mind.

Pamper yourself in luxurious five star facilities and high quality services, it is surely the best sanctuary beyond everyone's desire and imagination. Available in 168 units of private rooms, it is fully designed for urban citizens with vibrant spirit like you.

Address : Jl. Komando Raya No.6, Karet Gusuran) Setiabudi, Jakarta Selatan 12920, Indonesia
Phone : +62 21 529 20 299
Fax : +62 21 529 20 298
: info@prasadamansion.com
Website : http://prasadamansion.com/index.php