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Selayar : Fantastic Dives, White Beaches and largest Dongson Kettledrum in the World

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Incito Tours

Incito tour was built based on the years of experience in the field of tourism. Ng Sebastian, its owner and founder – has started his tourism professional life as a licensed tour guide for about 4 years after graduating from formal education in Tourism in the early of 1980’s. Later on he became a Branch Manager for a leading national tour operator for more than ten (10) years. He then ventured on his own when he quit the company in 2004.
incito Tour founded in 2005; with the head office located in Makassar and an operational office in Flores, plus one station next to the Komodo National Park. Realizes the wide geographic span of the country, incito tour specializes itself  in run and promoting the untapped beauty of the Eastern part of Indonesia. It covers the Islands of Komodo, Sulawesi, Flores, Sumba, Timor, Papua and other adjacent Islands. The region offers rich variety of both cultural and natural attraction.

To reach its mission incito tour is now working closely with various leading both national and international tour operators. Whilst the internet age make incito tour now could serve you directly to cater your needs and wants in relation with the destination we are specialized in.

Years of experience in serving international market makes incito tour confidence in developing its domestic market segment, which is growing tremendously.

Address : Jl. Sungai Saddang 80/76 - Makassar 90142 - South Sulawesi - INDONESIA
Phone : +62 411 831707
Fax : +62 411 830708
: incito.tour@gmail.com
Website : http://www.incitoprima.com