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Taman Nusa : Displaying Indonesia’s multi-cultural unity in Bali

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Perama Tour & Travel

With a motto: Provide Easiness and safety at a Reasonable Price all for Your Convenience, Perama ensures that every client is well served. Perama has a moral responsibility to create a tourism business atmosphere which runs on a right and proper tracks, away of all the possible improper competitions which not only create losses for the tourist business practitioners but also for the customers.

The company’s mission is to increase the customers’ degree of satisfaction through fast, good, professional and qualified service. To support this mission the company holds a continuous and sustained training and education to all its staff. Indeed, it is through human resource development that the quality of service can be achieved.

In implementing the mission, we have a commitment to give an excellent quality of service for the customers’ satisfaction. We all work in a team, and give way to every individual to work professionally, ethically, and rationally on their duty. Besides being profit-oriented the company is also social in nature. In its social business the company has run a program which aims at increasing poor people’s prosperity through the program called 7P, which respectively stands for Pertanian (Agriculture), Perikanan (Fishery), Peternakan (Poultry), Perdagangan (Trade), Perindustrian (Industry) , Pariwisata (Tourism), dan Penanaman Kembali Terumbu Karang (Coral Re-plantation)

In its pure business the company has tried to maximize its potentials as well as Indonesian nature, culture, and reef potentials, by conducting a product called Land Sea Adventure.

Address : Hanoman Str - Ubud Bali
Phone : (0361) 973316
Fax : (0361) 974722
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Website : http://www.peramatour.com/