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Jakarta’s Oldest Chinese Temple : the Jin De Yuan or Vihara Dharma Bhakti

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Cassis Gourmand Restaurant

Cassis, positions itself as one of Jakarta's foremost entertainment venues for quick and easy luncheon or elegant dinner, expressing the spirit of a continental dining room.

Cassis offers an intimate destination featuring genuine European cuisine that will surely please your taste buds from tempting appetizers to irresistible dessert selections.

Consistently providing the highest attainable quality of food, services, products and atmosphere within the concept of "Value for Money" is Cassis' operating policy.

Address : Pavillion Apartment Retail Arcade Jl. KH. Mas Mansyur Kav. 24 Jakarta 10220
Phone : +62 21 5794 1500
Fax : +62 21 5794 1510
: cassis@cassis-gourmand.com
Website : http://www.cassis-gourmand.com