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The Annual International Sandeq Race

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  1. Kompleks Makam Raja Banggae/Royal Cemetery Of Banggae Kings

  2. Kompleks Makam Raja Banggae/Royal Cemetery Of Banggae Kings

  3. Kompleks Makam Raja Banggae/Royal Cemetery Of Banggae Kings

  4. Kompleks Makam Raja Banggae/Royal Cemetery Of Banggae Kings

  5. Kompleks Makam Raja Banggae/Royal Cemetery Of Banggae Kings

  6. Kompleks Makam Raja Banggae/Royal Cemetery Of Banggae Kings

  7. Hadat Mandar



Recognized by Asian Yachting as the world’s fastest, longest and hardest race for traditional fishing vessels, the annual Sandeq race.covers no less than 300 nautical miles in 6 legs. Starting from the harbor of Mamuju in West Sulawesi racing all the way to o Makassar, capital city of South Sulawesi, the International Sandeq Race takes ten days, held during the month of July or August.
These traditional, fast, white Mandar sandeq sailing boats start the Race at Mamuju in West Sulawesi, racing down along the Sulawesi coast to Deking, then on to Sumba, Majene, round the Bay to Polewali and on to Pare-pare, Barru and finishing at the Losari Beach in Makassar where a grand ceremony awaits to welcome all participants.  

The Sandeq Race Sail and Cultural Festival is supported by the governments of South and West Sulawesi as well as by the travel agencies and hotel association coordinated by the Makassar Tourism Board and Indonesia’s Marine Tourism Association, Gahawisri.

The Mandar and the Bugis of Sulawesi are among Indonesia’s best and famous boat builders and mariners. In his book: The Prahu, Traditional Sailing boat of Indonesia, Adrian Horridge describes the Sandeq as “a deep-hulled 10-metre-long outrigger canoe with vertical sides about a metre high and an upturned prow of another metre. The proportions are unusual in that the aft outrigger boom is amidships. The forward one is across the bows and the single tall mast is half-way between the two booms. The sandeq is usually painted white all over and has a single white triangular sail.”

The sandeq is Mandar’s fast fishing boat essential for reaching the fishing grounds. As it is divided into three or four compartments, fish can be kept alive in fish tanks. On the return journey from their fish catch, boats men will race each other home to be the first to reach the market.   

Route and Schedule of Sandeq Race 2010

Wednesday, July 28: participants gather at Mamuju harbour

Thursday, 29:This year the race starts in Mamuju with a parade of the participants and sails down the coast to Deking, Malunda

Friday, 30: Then straight into the eye of the South East Monsoon winds from Deking to Somba

Saturday, 31: Somba - (Big spectacular open water round course along Rangas - Labuang Gonda - Pambusuang - Karama - Rangas) to finish up in Majene.

Sunday, August 1: Triangular course off Majene.

Monday, 2: Restart Majene then across the notorious windy Bay of Polewali

Tuesday, 3: Triangular course set off Polewali. All along the coastal course of the race, local governments will hold cultural festivities and events to entertain competitors and spectators.

Wednesday, 4: The race continues from Polewali onto Ujung Lero and ends up in Pare-Pare.

Thursday, 5: An extended Harbour Race will be set in the Bay of Pare-Pare, right in front of the second largest city in South Sulawesi.

Friday, 6: Departing Pare-Pare after extended festivities the fleet then moves onto Barru.

Saturday, 7: Leaving Barru the boats then continue on to Makassar, finishing in the late afternoon in front of the famous Losari Beach of

Sulawesi's capital city where celebrations and welcoming ceremonies await participants and viewers.

For details on the Sandeq race, and travel arrangements, please contact (1) the Makassar Tourism Board, Nico B. Pasaka - Mobile 0811 46 9513 - e.mail : nicorstt@indosat.net.id; or see (2) www.asianyachting.com/news/SandeqRace.htm or (3) www.songlinecruises.com.

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The Annual International Sandeq Race

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