The amazing Indo Rannuang Waterfall and the Limbong Sitodo River

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Situated approximately just a mere 8Km from the heart of Polewali, capital of the Polewali Mandar Regency in West Sulawesi, nature presents some of its best features at the Indo Rannuang Waterfall and the Limbong Sitodo River that runs below. The two fascinating spots are administratively located within the Kunyi Village in the Areapi sub-district.


Limbong Sitodo is a natural bathing area and swimming pool which takes the natural setting of the Limbong River. Here, the river flows smoothly through beautiful scenery of rocks and trees along its banks making it a perfect place to plunge and bathe away in the refreshing crystal clear waters. With a magnificent view overlooking lush green hills, added with the tranquilizing sounds of waters murmuring down the river, this is also a perfect place just to sit back, relax and enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer. At weekends or holidays, locals bring families and friends for a picnic or just to enjoy the scenery.


If one has the stamina, spirit, and enough sense of adventure, then best follow the river upstream to its sourc, which is the Indo Rannuang Waterfall. While Limbong Sitodo may be easily reached, then Indo Rannuang Waterfall presents a slightly more adventurous challenge for those who wish to get close to nature.


Pass the Limbong Sitodo, about 5 kilometer up the hill, one will be presented with a fascinating ambience of a traditional Mandar Village with their distinct high houses along with their various daily activities. Further up the mountain, lines of cocoa trees decorate both sides of the road. The cocoa farms, along with other fruit and vegetable gardens offer the main source of income and activities of the people living near the waterfall. Then, whether you’re on four wheels or two wheels, the road gets narrower and eventually ends. This is where the footpath and the hiking begin.


Dense bushes and rocky paths form the main highlight of the approximately 4 Km hike to the Indo Rannuang Waterfall. Although the trip is tiring, you will be presented with a magnificent view of the Town of Polewali and the bay of Mandar along the way. As the sound of rushing water grows louder, the astonishing view of Indo Rannuang Waterfal is unveiled.


This multi level waterfall is truly one of a kind. The top leans on a gigantic rock, creating enchanting flows of waters over it. Several levels below, natural ponds are created banking on rocks and beautiful natural setting. On the lowest level, before the fall plunges some 50 meters over the cliff, the last pond sits right at the edge of the cliff and somehow resembles the devil’s pool in the Victoria Fall of Zimbabwe. With nothing but the sound of rushing waters, a clear blue sky overhead, and an amazing view over Mandar Bay in the distance, this sensation as if one is swimming or just being here at one of the best features of nature is truly exceptional.


To Stay,

Although no starred hotels are yet available in the town of Polewali, there are several inns you can choose as your accommodations facilities, namely:


Hotel Melati

Jl. Ahmad Yani Poros Polewali

Phone: +62 0428 21075


Hotel Lilianto

Jl. Ahmad Yani No. 54 B

Phone: +62 428 21787


Hotel Perdana

Jl. HOS Cokroaminoto Pekkabata Polewali

Phone: +62 428 22417


Hotel Bumi Raya

Jl. Todilaling Pekkabata Polewali

Phone: +62 428 22664

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Getting There and Around

Get There

Located at the Kunyi Village in the Areapi Sub District, the two destinations are only about 8 Km from the heart of Polewali. However, there are no signs or other directional guidance that can lead you to this place. The best route is to make your way in the direction of the Kunyi Village Office which is still on the main road from Polewali. There you can get off the main road and turn right to enter Kunyi Village. About 4-5 Km from here you will reach the Limbung Sitodo. Again there are no signs here or any written indications that can lead you to Limbong Sitodo. The parking lot and several food and drink stall, as well as the beautiful river setting will be your only confirmation that you have actually arrived at Limbong Sitodo.


If you wish to continue to the Indo Rannuang Waterfall, it is best to park your vehicle at the Limbong Sitodo, although you may also park somewhere further uphill. If you wish, you can start your trekking or hiking from here, or to make the journey a bit easier you can take the “Ojek” or motorbike taxis for about IDR40.000. If you take the “ojek”, you will also get to experience a somewhat thrilling uphill offroad motorbike ride. Have no fear, since the ojek rider are accustomed to the extreme road, since it is they daily course.