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Bukit Kasih

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Bunaken SeaGarden Resort

The Bunaken SeaGarden Resort is situated at the east coast of Bunaken Island along Pangalisang Beach in the middle of the Bunaken National Park. It´s a small and cozy resort with spacious cottages build in the traditional Indonesian style.

From the SeaGarden restaurant you have a good view over the mangrove beach and the open sea, in the morning you can enjoy here the colorful sunrise.

High tide creates a long natural pool along the resort. At low tide a shady and sandy beach appears.  A perfect place to relax with a cool refreshing drink.

Address : Pangalisang Beach - Bunaken Island North Sulawesi - Indonesia
Phone : +6281244738802|+6281356275754
Fax : -
: info@bunakenseagardenresort.com
Website : http://www.bunakenseagardenresort.com/