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Maengket Wisata Tours & Travel

Maengket Tours & Travel is a tour operator specialized in inbound tours, located in Manado, the capital city of North Sulawesi - Indonesia. The company established in 1997, make special tour arrangements with experienced guides to explore the beauty of Sulawesi from north to south.

If you are interested in fish and corals, snorkle or dive in our famous and exquisit Bunaken sea garden. You want to see the mountain  sceneries with volcanoes, lake, ricefields and hotsprings, Minahasa highland is worth to visit. Want  to observe entertaining groups of crested black macaques, cuscus, birds watching, explore The  Tangkoko-Batuangus Nature Reserve.

Even more, we'll take you further overland to Toraja  in South Sulawesi to visit natural burial cave at Londa, royal family tombs at  Suaya, or to the traditional carving village at Kete Kesu.

Just take a moment to  find all the exciting and culturally experience tours in our website accomodate with the selected hotels and resorts.

Our Package Tours :

    * Bunaken National Park Scuba Diving & Snorkeling
    * Manado and Minahasa Highland
    * Tangkoko and Dumoga Bone Nature Reserve
    * Volcano Trekking
    * White Water Rafting
    * Birds Watching
    * Sulawesi Overland
    * Gorontalo
    * Toraja Land
    * Wildlife Special Interest

Address : Komplex Welong Abadi B-131 Malendeng, Manado - North Sulawesi
Phone : + 62 431 332472
Fax : +62 431 873201
: maengkettours@yahoo.com
Website : http://www.sulawesi-maengkettours.com/