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The Tangkoko Nature Reserve : Habitat of Tarsiers, Macaques, Maleos and Cuscus

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Bastianos Lembeh

You will dive with the same guide and the same boat crew for your whole stay – because good mood on the boats is just as important as good diving.

And diving with the same staff everyday means also, that the guide knows, what you like, what you have already seen and what you still need to see.

And the boat crew gets familiar with your dive equipment and camera.

Address : Jl. Cokroaminoto No. 19, Manado – 95122 North Sulawesi – Indonesia
Phone : 081244572977 ; +62 431 864025 (OFFICE)
Fax : -
: dave_barbara@bastianos.com
Website : http://www.bastianoslembeh.com/