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The Tangkoko Nature Reserve : Habitat of Tarsiers, Macaques, Maleos and Cuscus

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Bastianos Resort & Diving Center 2 star(s)

Diving Bunaken means diving North Sulawesi, one of the most pristine nature areas in the world. Relax and unwind on our tropical island beach while you enjoy a refreshing drink and soak up an amazing orange sunset, or experience the fine seafood cuisine an friendly nature of the Bunaken Island villagers.

Every Bunaken dive is a great experience. For sheer exhilaration, join us for some blue-water drift dives down with the really BIG critters, as you drift effortlessly along the world-renowned vertical walls of the Bunaken Island and Manado Tua Marine Park. A time you will never forget, diving in North Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Swim with dolphins, sharks, giant turtles and other colorful coral-reef fishes as our Bunaken diving team guides you over vivid, unspoiled coral gardens, all less than a five-minute boat ride from the resort. It's all about discovering an underwater-paradise at the Bastianos Diving Resort. We're on the west coast of Bunaken Island, a short trip from Manado in North Sulawesi.

Our Beachfront rooms are only a few meters from the ocean and on the longest and finest light sand beach on Bunaken Island. Right out front of our resort is safe for swimming and if you like to do some Snorkeling, the coral reef drop-off is only about 40 meters from the front of Bastianos.

Our side of Bunaken Island is the only side where you can watch Sunsets from your room verandah or from a beach bar. Lush natural surroundings, fresh hygienically prepared meals, a range of icy cold beers and soft drinks at reasonable prices. Another special thing about this side of the island is that when you look out into the ocean, you’ll see the open ocean.

Address : Jl. Cokroaminoto No.19 Manado 95122
Phone : +62 431 853566 | +62 431 864025
Fax : +62 431 858454
: info@bastianos.com
Website : http://www.bastianos.com