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The Tangkoko Nature Reserve : Habitat of Tarsiers, Macaques, Maleos and Cuscus

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Golden Lake Resort 3 star(s)

With our concept "The small village in downtown" you can enjoy a blissful stay far from the madding crowd without being far from the business center in Manado. Golden Lake Resort is perfectly placed because it stands on 40.000 m2 in Tingkulu Valley, a short drive from Sam Ratulangi International Airport (About 30 minutes) and only 15 minutes from Boulevard on Business (BoB) in Manado.

Address : Tingkulu Lembah, Teling. Manado-North Sulawesi
Phone : +62 431 875041
Fax : +62 431 875045
: info@goldenlakeresort.com
Website : http://goldenlakeresort.com/