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Pulau Sipora : Mentawai’s Continuous Huge Surf barrels

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Pitstop Hill

Pitstop Hill offers access to some of the most perfect surfing breaks in the world, with waves all year round, speedboats and surf guides, beautiful hilltop accommodation, and for 2010 a maximum of 6 guests at any time...

The Mentawais are one of the true surf meccas of the world. Regardless of what type of surfer you are, we will help you to find your perfect wave here.

As our name suggests, on our doorstep is Pitstops, one of the most fun waves you will ever surf. We are the only resort in the islands that has an elevated location and because of this we have an unbelievable view of the sunset, the islands, our beautiful swimming beach and of course... those waves. Every element of the design of Pitstop Hill is focused on taking advantage of that view, one that has to be seen to be believed.

Although the rest of the world hasn't caught on yet, these amazing islands have far more to offer than just the waves of your life. Your experience can encompass amazing fishing, snorkelling, wildlife, traditional culture and deserted island visits. Something for everyone...

Address : Mentawai Island
Phone : -
Fax : -
: info@pitstophill.com
Website : http://pitstophill.com/