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Pulau Siberut : Home to the Mentawai Tribes

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Aloita Resort & Spa

Aloita is easily the highest quality and most beautiful resort in the Mentawais, and the differences from the other resorts and land camps quickly become apparent upon first viewing.  But before you even arrive at the resort, you should know that the differences already exist.

First, Aloita is the only resort of any kind in the area, the next closest being over an hour away by speedboat in any direction.  It is very near Tua Pajet, the capital of the Mentawais, so we are best positioned to take advantage of the various ferries and flights that travel to the Mentawais.  However, we are still tucked away on our own private island, away from all the other boat traffic and any other disturbances.  This means that even though we’re very close to major transportation and infrastructure, we’re still isolated so your privacy and serenity are secure.

Once you round the corner and pull up at our pier, it won’t take long to realize you’ve found paradise.  The deck from the large rotunda A Bar practically touches the water, and the beautiful hardwoods of our restaurant and lounge area will catch your eye straight away.  As you walk past our well equipped Dive Center, you’ll step up onto your lanai and into your private bungalow.

That’s when that word will hit you again: quality.  These are not just beach huts or raised thatches along some crowded point.  These are high quality, comfortable, and well appointed separate living residences, each with its own little sand trail to almost a mile of untouched white sand beach.

And if that’s not enough to put you into a completely relaxed state, drop by our spa for a massage or beauty treatment for the ultimate mind or body cleanse.   The beautiful set up with ocean views and a the gentle sounds of water from the fish pond provide the perfect environment to enjoy a full body massage, back and shoulder treatment, luxury bath, or any of our various offerings off the spa menu.

Your utmost comfort and luxury is our first priority at Aloita, and we’ll do everything to make your stay a dream vacation.  The food is fantastic, the drinks are cold, and the staff is warm and friendly, and awaiting your arrival…

Address : Simakakang Island Tuapejat Mentawai Islands, West Sumatra – Indonesia
Phone : +62 (759) 320354
Fax : -
: info@aloitaresort.com
Website : http://www.aloitaresort.com/