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Melawai Beach

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Zurich Hotel Balikpapan 3 star(s)

Beginning amidst the emerging it-spot, Zurich Hotel Balikpapan is in the centre of it all with the downtown convenience. Minutes away from the Sepinggan International airport, Zurich Hotel will charm you with its unique mix of minimalist design, comfort and cultural experiences from food to music and everything in between. Experience the warmth of COOL. Discover the refreshing balance between style and soul that is Zurich Hotel. Influences of old and new, local and global, come together in playful harmony.

Address : Jalan Jend. Sudirman NO. 81, Balikpapan
Phone : +62.542.760985|+62.542.760968
Fax : +62.542.761447|+62.542.761694
: Reservation@Zurichhotel-Balikpapan.com
Website : http://www.zurichhotel-balikpapan.com/