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Dive the biodiverse Gilis at Sekotong Bay, Southwest Lombok

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Secret Island Resort

If you are looking for a Lombok Gili Hotel and a change from the  often over crowded 3 NW. Gili islands or Lombok's other remarkable areas. The Secret Island Resort Hotel is perfect for your get away.  We consider our Hotel a Two Star Hotel in a Five star location. As of October we now have Hot water in our upscale Bungalow and Villa: but no AC really needed most all year round.  We are working toward being a fully Eco responsible hotel aware that Global Warming is upon us. We have a Spectacular Bungalow over the Reef , stable and not floating attached to a Wooden Dock that is Wonderfully Tranquil and private. Plus we have a Two bedroom Villa and Deluxe Bungalow for those looking for a higher class setting.

The beautiful surroundings and undisturbed nature of Gili Gede provides the perfect location to experience the 12 Unspoiled SouthWest Gilis. It is located just 5 minutes from the mainland of Lombok Island.

Look for the only Car & Boat Gas Dock/Station in Sekotong SW. Lombok, just a 45 minutes drive past Lembar harbor you will find Tembowong beach and just 100 meters past the only gas station you will see the 'Secret Island Resort' sign.

The charter Sport Fishing and Snorkel Mania speed boat 'Scorpio' is located here at Secret Island Resort's own private Dock.  We now have 3 diferent boats to offer you snorkeling from 100,000Rp to 200,000Rp, depending on your desired time snorkeling and amount of locations. If you are only two 3 people we recommend our 6 meter Speed boat to 3 different Gili islands for 150,000rp per persons. The 12 unspoiled SW. Gili Islands have the Best Snorkeling in Lombok, we promise you won't be disappointed.

Address : Gili Gede, Lombok - Indonesia
Phone : +62-818 0376 2001
Fax : -
: secretislandresort@xl.blackberry.com
Website : http://www.secretislandresort.com/