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GEDUNG PROKLAMASI : site of Indonesia’s Proclamation of Independence

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Pancious Pancake House

Pancake, comes in different names, tastes, toppings and variations. But this delicacy shares one thing in common: Loved and savored by everybody from every part of the world.

Pancious is a casual dining restaurant who is dedicated to bring you the best and value-for-money pancake experience. Because whoever you are, whether you’re young or grown-up, a food adventurer or a settler for familiar taste, you must’ve had at least one pancake experience in your life. And our job is to capture that experience and offer it to you only in a better scale.

As a pioneer in Jakarta’s pancake industry, Pancious single-handedly changed the society’s paradigm of pancake being a breakfast material. Nowadays, pancakes are enjoyed as the main course throughout the day, at anytime you please. And so far we have done a fantastic job.

Of course taste alone won’t suffice in this industry. It needs to be supported with great services, which luckily for us, our front-men and women are 100% dedicated to serve you and to ensure that your pancake experience is close to perfection.

But being the pioneer and simply being the best is not enough to set us apart from the rest. We are already halfway through achieving our biggest dream: To become the foremost western casual dining restaurant in Indonesia. And in order to fully reach it, each day means a new day to reinvent ourselves. Each day is a challenge to outdo our yester-selves. And each day is a chance to assess what we’ve accomplished this far and make it even better.

Address : Plaza Indonesia Level 5 Unit E06 – E08 Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav 28 – 30 Jakarta 10350
Phone : (021) 390 6817
Fax : -
: -
Website : http://www.pancious.com/