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GEDUNG PROKLAMASI : site of Indonesia’s Proclamation of Independence

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Kafe Pisa Menteng

Aligned with its logo, the leaning Pisa tower in Italy, Kafe Pisa offers authentic Italian atmosphere and luscious garden oasis just like Italian patio.

In 1993, Kafe Pisa served ice cream made of pasta ingredients directly imported from Italy, which is then further added with fresh produce fruits and also freshly made everyday without the use of additives. In addition to serving ice cream, Kafe Pisa also served pizza, omelet and sandwich. To expand its business, Kafe Pisa began to serve up additional varieties on the main menu, which includes appetizer, main course, deserts with family's concept, and value-added entertainment services, including staged live music on a daily basis.

To seize good franchise opportunities, Kafe Pisa has opened up additional outlets under the branding of Kafe Pisa and Restaurant in several locations in Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya and Medan.

Kafe Pisa always tries to serve customers with better and outmost services by serving a wide range of fine quality products which can be enjoyed by all with offering a wide range of products, including: Pisa Kafe, Pisa Gelato, Pisa Pastry, Pisa Coffee, Pisa Production and Pisa Catering.

Address : Jl. Gereja Theresia No.1 Jakarta Pusat, 10350
Phone : 021-3100 151
Fax : 021 - 315 27 29
: customer_relation@kafepisa.com
Website : http://www.kafepisa.com/web/