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Candirejo Village : experience rural Java’s traditional life

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Mercury Guesthouse

Mercury guest house was built with the elegant traditional Javanese architecture and design in 1927, and renovated in 1995. As an inheritance and the only classical Javanese style building remaining in the Prawirotaman area, the Mercury entrance is dominated by a beautiful natural garden with a gazebo in the middle of a pond creating a pleasing environment. Here you’d be tempted to spend your leisure time while staying in Yogyakarta. Mercury guest house is under the management of Wisma Gajah. The two compounds adjoin each other with a access corridor through a backyard natural garden.

Address : Jalan Prawirotaman II MG III/595 Yogyakarta – 55153 Indonesia
Phone : +62274370846|+62274372320
Fax : +62 274 372037
: marketingmercury@wismagajah.com
Website : http://www.wismagajah.com/hotelmercury/