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Suluban Beach : Bali’s Surfers Paradise at Uluwatu

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Bagus Agro Pelaga

In the lush tranquil forest of the Puncak Mangu mountain range, 950 meters above sea level resides Bagus Agro Pelaga, an Agricultural Tourism development spread out over 18 hectares and surrounded by an emerald tinted forest, colorful flowers and a meandering river with a spirited waterfall. Lies over a lush tranquil forest, in the mountain range of Pucak Mangu situated on 750 meters above sea level, the new tourist attraction in Bali built in Agricultural concept based on the Tri Hita Karana, the original Balinese Culture. This modern agro tourism spot is spread out over 18 hectares of land at Pelaga village in the Petang district.

The fresh mountain air and magnificent panorama surrounding the organic farm adorned with various colorful flowers and tropical fruits and vegetables, which apply a drip irrigation system, a different system instead of the Subak. The drip irrigation system enables precise water delivery and can adjust water for particular plants, thereby increasing water efficiency. To support the Organic Farming System applied in this area, cattle have been developed as well, where cows, pigs, domestic chickens and some variety of fishes are raised. The fresh and natural atmosphere around the 'emeraldish' panorama of the hilly forest adorned by pure river and waterfalls creates a fantastic camping site that offers unforgettable experience and adventure.

There are five restaurants that can accommodate up to 300 people for lunch or dinner. The capacities of each restaurant are 50 people for the Terrace Restaurant, 80 people for each Fine Dining Restaurants (2 buildings), and more than 150 people can be accommodated in the Wantilan Halls. Delicious cuisine either Balinese or Western are special served to spoil your appetite. You can arrange a special moment by our service in the restaurants-any occasion you want, birthday party, anniversary, family gathering, etc. Enjoy the private grilled or steamboat party in our traditional gazebos, 'saung'.

Address : Jalan Raya Puncak Mangu, Desa Pelaga Kecamatan Petang, Kabupaten Badung Bali – Indonesia
Phone : (62 361) 7450031
Fax : (62 361) 7450031|(62 361) 761896
: info@bagus-agro.com
Website : http://www.bagus-agro.com/pelaga/