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Denpasar : Heroic capital of Bali

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Segara Agung Hotel

Just steps away from the famous resort of Sanur Beach, Segara Agung Hotel is a unique retreat offering the charms of nature and friendly Balinese hospitality. Guests are stay in the hotel will discover Balinese style architecture which surrounded by tropical plants and trees to offer you lush natural beauty. We select only good quality bedding for our bedclothes, only to make your stay comfort and healthy. The hotel's atmosphere are quite and privacy, certainly the right place for your holiday.

Address : Jalan Duyung No.43 Semawang Sanur Bali Indonesia
Phone : +62 361 288446|+62 361 286804
Fax : +62 361 286113
: reservation@segaraagung.com
Website : http://segaraagung.com/