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PURA MANGKUNEGARAN : its history and the end of the united Javanese Mataram Sultanate

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PT. Barama Intercity

Welcome and thank you for visiting our website. PT. Barama Intercity provide the best service in the field of services Online Ticketing Reservation, Reservation Hotel, Travel & Tourism in Foreign Affairs, and Consultative services for study in Australia and the UK.

In the field of Online Ticketing Reservation services, at this PT. Intercity Barama has become the official agent for all domestic flights, so it is expected to be a one stop service to serve the trips to all corners of the archipelago.

With the number of clients keep more than 2000 people that has been recorded since 4 years ago, shows that the main users of our services is the general public due to the location of the company and the willingness of companies to provide products according to their needs. However, the Office-Office of Government in Java and outside Java, one by one began to cooperate with us, especially in the field of Tour services, both of Appeals Study, Training, Seminars, Work Shop, and so forth.

Address : BBC Plaza No. 12, Jl Babarsari Yogyakarta 55281 Indonesia
Phone : (62) 274 484 717
Fax : (62) 274 484 721
: barama_intercity@yahoo.com
Website : http://www.barama.co.id/index.php?lang=eng