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Visit Besakih Temple and East Bali

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    Amed Beach, East Bali.
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    Boat at Amet Beach, East Bali.
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    Ngaben Ceremony at Bali.
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    A beautiful view at Batur's Lake, Kintamani, Bali.
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    Shopping mall at Bali.
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    Tourist, from the cruise ship at Bali.
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    Cruise Ship.
  9. Golf Bali

    Golf field at Bali.
  10. Ngaben Ceremony

  11. Ngaben Ceremony

    Part of Ngaben Ceremony, Bali.
  12. Pupuan Rice Field at Bali

  13. Lovina Beach

  14. Parasailing

    Parasailing, a kind of extreme sport interest at Bali.
  15. Ulundanu Temple

    Ulundanu Temple, on lake. Bali.
  16. Balinese Dancer

    Balinese Dancer.
  17. Rhapsody Cruise Ship

  18. An Afternoon at Kuta's Beach

    The most famous beach in the world. Kuta.
  19. Sunset at Tanah Lot

    Sunset at Tanah Lot.
  20. Balinese Dancer

    a Couple of Balinese Dancer.
  21. Barong's Dance

    Barong's dance of Bali.
  22. Ubud

    Ubud's field rice.
  23. Yoga In Bali

  24. Kuta Bali 1

  25. Kuta Bali 2

  26. Kuta Bali 3

  27. Soccer in Kuta Beach

  28. Surf at Kuta

    Surf at Kuta Beach, Bali.
  29. Marketplace in Bali

  30. Marketplace in Bali2

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  32. bali 1

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A tour of Bali is not complete without a visit to Pura Besakih, Bali’s Mother Temple. Pura Besakih is located on the slopes of Mount Agung which rises 3,142 meters above sea level.  The temple comprises 3 main complexes dedicated to the Hindu Trinity. It was built during the late 8th century AD.
Along the way visit Bukit Jambul where there are beautifully laid out rice-terraces. Then on to  Goa Lawah (the bats cave).  The roof of this cave is black with thousands of bats. People believe that the cave leads directly to Mt. Agung, but no one has dared to try it, yet.  

At Klungkung, admire Kertaghosa, the Court House of Justice.  Constructed in the late 18th century, its ceilings are covered with paintings depicting episodes and scenes of the horrors awaiting evil doers in the afterlife. Visit also the adjoining Bale Kambang (Floating Pavilion) and nearby museum complex.

Bali’s most eastern district is Karangasem, which is dominated by the majestic and imposing Mt. Agung. The volcano last erupted on 17th March 1963 killing more than a thousand people under its pouring lava while others were burnt by searing hot clouds that rolled down the mountain slopes. However, Besakih temple, just six kilometers from the crater, was hardly damaged.

Padang Bai is the port for the ferries to Lombok. It is a sleepy fishing village situated in a beautiful bay where colorful fishing boats are drawn up on the beach.

From Padang Bai it is a small distance to the village of Tenganan. Tenganan is a Bali Aga (original Balinese) village one of the few original Balinese communities that still retain the old Bali tradition of the pre-Majapahit era before the 14th century.  It is a walled village consisting of two systematically arranged rows of identical houses, which the people believe is the microcosmic reflection of the macrocosm.

Tenganan is known for its sacred double weave ikat cloth, called, Geringsing, unique to Indonesia.  The religion’s tenets are founded on the sacred lontar books called the Usana Bali (a chronicle of Bali). These traditional Balinese books are written on dry lontar palm leaves.

Further along the coast is Candi Dasa, a seaside resort offering a full range of accommodation, restaurants, bars, souvenir shops, and some nightlife mostly catering to divers and beach combers.  

Amlapura is the capital of the district of Karangasem. Formerly called Karangasem, the town was renamed Amlapura after the devastating Mt. Agung eruption in 1963. The Palace of Puri Kangin (the eastern palace) is a blend of Chinese and European influences set in a typical Balinese compound.  There are several pavilions and rooms here surrounded by pools connected by walkways. 

Fifteen kilometers north of Amlapura is the Tirta Gangga water palace, built in 1947.  It is a place of beauty and solitude. The palace contains a network of pools and a swimming pool fed by fresh spring waters. Tirtagangga overlooks some of the most beautiful rice terraces in Bali.

To explore Bali, visitors can take either a package tour from your hotel or any travel agency, hire motorbikes or rent a car, - chauffeur driven or self-drive, - to discover the many wonders that Bali offers.

Since most of the tours can be made within one day, you do not need to book another hotel unless you wish to stay overnight. Beautiful hotels are available in Ubud. There are also hotels at Kintamani and Lovina Beach in the north near Buleleng or at Amed Beach in the east of Bali.

There are many excellent restaurants in Ubud. There is a restaurant overlooking Mt. Batur at Kintamani and smaller restaurants at Lovina Beach and Amed Beach. When on tour better make sure you have snacks and drinks with you in the car.  

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 Visit Besakih Temple and East Bali

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