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Pantai Panjang, the Long Beach of Bengkulu

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Hotel Rio Asri 3 star(s)

Hotel Rio Asri go hand in hand with the development of the era, the hotel business in Indonesia has also advanced rapidly. Networking giant hospitality world many entrust Indonesia as a location for business development mereka.Di all over Indonesia, especially in big cities is no longer difficult to find choice hotels. You live determines which hotel to suit your needs, whether for business travel, corporate interests, family vacation or romantic honeymoon.

Facilities Indonesian-star hotels are also increasingly tight competition in accommodating each customer's needs and desires. From MICE facilities, wi-fi access, ball room. Also favor the uniqueness and charm of its own and without meninggalakan sophistication and professionalism of services Lunches friendly smile. Their location which is usually located in strategic areas, to facilitate you reach the central offices, commercial areas, commerce and entertainment.

Nuance to offer even more diverse and interesting as the nuances Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, European classical style, blend elements of traditional and modern, minimalist style, even a funky and unique can you get.

Cheap hotel voucher is the solution to be able to still enjoy five-star hotel facilities with affordable price. Particularly for young couples who honeymoon, can contact Benkulu travel to obtain an unforgettable wonderful experience. Hotels in Bengkulu, does not mean having to leave the impression that you want to get fancy.

Not only for accommodation in Bengkulu and Lodging in Bengkulu, but also various cities across Indonesia, including Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Makassar, Batam, Ambon, Semarang, Bandung and all cities in Indonesia.

Address : Jl. Veteran No.63, Bengkulu
Phone : 0361 9 600 600
Fax : -
: info@hargahotel.com
Website : http://rioasri.hargahotel.com/